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FashionTV Cosmetics Patents



  • Betoxynol-4™
    BETOXYNOL-4™ is an exclusive patented delivery system / complex which was designed to intensify the effects of the ingredients in the formulations, promote a deeper, faster and more effective absorption of the beneficial elements, and as a result to deliver immediate and more intense results.

    • BETOXYNOL-4™ is powered by 4 powerful natural oils extracted from Lemon, Orange, Curcumin, and organic Inca Inchi.
    • BETOXYNOL-4™ captures potent omega 3-6-9 along with essential vitamins and delivers them to the skin, making it look healthy.
    • The complex provides deep hydration, nourishment, protection, and repair.

  • Melaslow
    A patented citrus-based extract from Japanese Mandarin, clinically shown to visibly reduce skin pigmentation and age spots appearance while enhancing a brighter-looking complexion.

    Related Series: FLASH WHITE PEARL SERIES (Brightening)

  • Ac.Net
    Acid based patented technology/complex, known to keep high levels of skin hygiene, balance skin oiliness and fight skin breakouts (pimples, red spots etc)

    Related Series: CHECKMATE PINK PEARL SERIES (For oily skin)

  • Birch Tree Sap
    The Birch Tree Sap is a patented complex full of vitamin B that provides the skin with intensive hydration, which is a crucial element in anti-aging, nourishes the skin with essential minerals and increases skin elasticity and firmness.

    Related series: LUXURIANT CRYSTALS (For dry skin)

  • Songa
    An eco-certified active extract designed to promote skin renewal, rejuvenation, elasticity and firmness, enhance collagen production for a visibly firmer and tighter-looking skin, boosts the skin with hydration and helps with skin healing.


  • Freezeye 
    A peptide-based complex (innovated patented technology of 3 active molecules solution) designed to improve firmness and elasticity around the eye area, decrease puffiness and black circles under the eyes as well as to calm and refresh the entire eye area.

    Related Series: PEPTIDE EYE BLESSING 

  • Juvinity
    A lipid-based complex designed to protect the skin from oxidative damage, visibly improves skin elasticity, firmness, density and tone, as well as visibly reduces the signs of ageing (wrinkles and fine lines) on the neck and décolleté.

        * Lipids are essential fatty acid molecules naturally produced in our body and they make and maintain vitamins in our skin