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CELEB STYLE professional hair care line is suitable for all hair types and offers deep conditioning and nurturing for beautiful, shiny and healthy-looking, gorgeous hair. Enriched with KERATIN, beneficial oils, fabulous ingredients and BETOXYNOL4™patented delivery system, the line will care for your hair, leaving it looking amazing and healthy.

  • KERATIN is a protein naturally found in the hair – it is responsible for hair’s elasticity and strength, as well as for keeping the hair healthy. Various factors affect the amount of keratin in the hair – age, environmental pollution, damage from heat styling tools, etc. As the amount of keratin decreases, the hair is left looking and feeling dry, lifeless and fragile.
  • KERATIN adds shine to the hair, keeps it soft and smooth, while controlling the frizz and increasing manageability.
  • KERATIN helps moisturize the hair, repairing damage caused by outside factors, making the hair more supple and healthier looking.
  • KERATIN helps the hair regain its natural structure.