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FashionTV Cosmetics is a luxurious lifestyle beauty brand, that brought to you directly from the FashionTV channel’s hottest runways and leading fashion shows worldwide. Our state-of-the-art beauty collection inspired by the glamorous world of haute couture and fashion, creating a revolutionary change in skin care!

FashionTV Cosmetics is all about combining women’s love for youthful and glowing skin with revolutionary, patented formulas that lead to proven and visible results - enriched by the finest and most carefully chosen ingredients from nature and proven by science. This creative thinking established wonderful synergistic combinations of materials which maximize the products' effectiveness, as FashionTV is always one step ahead, creating tomorrow’s future developments.


FashionTV Cosmetics offers a full range of cosmetic product lines updated with the most leading fashionable trends, which cover every part of the body, creating the perfect ultimate beauty collection. FashionTV Cosmetics combines the most innovative beauty technologies, premium ingredients and revolutionary patents, offering a premium age-defying Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care, Men’s care and Makeup lines.

Our products were developed on thorough research of supermodels' daily care routine, preferences and backstage beauty secrets, to create an ultimate “head to toe” beauty collection. The result is an extensive line of products, that will allow you to be a part of the fabulous world of fashion, to feel like a professional makeup artist and to look absolutely gorgeous like a real supermodel!